On D Road


 On D Road with Mangrove Mas Band 2018

Alongside your personalised Costume, your Complete Package will also include:

* Luxury INDOOR Mas camp with safe lock up in the heart of Notting Hill

*Goodie Bag (packed with sponsored Goodies)

*Continental Breakfast with Bubbly

*Hot Lunch/ Savoury & Sweet snacks throughout the day

*Alcoholic/ Non Alcoholic Fully Stocked Bar

*Themed Big Truck hosting the biggest sound on the road

*Top UK & International Djs Exclusively booked  to entertain Revellers

*Fully roped Band with TOP Security including Special Extraction unit

*Band private first aider.

*Roaming Band Photographers

*Free after carnival lime for masqueraders


Mangrove Safety Advise

* Please Drink responsibly.

* Drink lots of water through the day to avoid dehydration.

* Do not accept drinks from strangers. Mangrove is an Inclusive band so drinks will be available all day via our Main Bar & Mobile bar to all registered masquraders.

* Please DO NOT share band provisions (drinks/food/snacks) with non band members, this will result is automatic exclusion from band.

* Do not invite non Mangrove Mas masqueraders to join you in the band, This will result in the automatic exclusion of both parties..

* Do not share items of your costume, T-shirt or your security wristband with friends or family in order to gain access to the band; security will remove both of you.

* No outside costumes or T-shirts will be permitted inside our band perimeter. This area is to include Ropped area and all Support vehicles.

* All Masquraders will have access to our support vehicle, therefore there will be no general access to our music truck

* Be extremely careful around all parade vehicles (Music truck, Rest Bus, Food & beverage truck)

* Leave your valuables at home e.g. expensive jewellery, passport.

* Only carry necessary cash on you

* Always move around in groups, Arrange a specific meeting point with your friends within the band in case you get lost.

* Always listen to the security and MC on the music truck.

* We are a family on the road so look out for each other and inform Team Mangrove, security or stewards of any issues. They will all be identifiable by relevant T-shirt’s.

* Unfortunately Mangrove Mas is an 18+ band on carnival Monday, so all persons under that age are not invited due to safety reasons. If you bring them along they are your responsibility, and will not be able to access the band perimeter.

* There is no storage space on the trucks; all bags must be left at our secure Mas camp for when we return.

* On returning home from NHC2018
‘Do not drink and drive’ arrange a designated Driver

* To conclude! Carnival is a time to free up, jump up and make new friends. Lets habe. Blast and make this a Carnival remember.

Team Mangrove 2018


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