Mangrove Junior Mas 2019

Since 2016, rising sea temperatures have decimated half of the Great Barrier Reef, bleaching 50% of the corals composing the network to death. “Losing the Great Barrier Reef has actually got to mean something ”, says Richard Vevers, “this has got to wake up the world”.

In the face of this crisis, marine activists and scientists have begun to document coral fluorescing events occurring in our oceans as coral – a fundamental part of our ecosystem – fights to survive:

The corals were fluorescing, they were producing a chemical sunscreen to protect themselves from the heat. They were the most vivid colours I’ve ever seen. This is going on and no one is noticing- and it feels as if it’s the corals saying … look at me, please notice.
Richard Vevers, Chasing Coral

Mangrove Junior Mas Band’s 2019 collection, Fluorescing, is making the ocean’s neon warning visible at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival.

Mangrove Junior Mas Band Proudly Presents

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  • Hot lunch, drinks, savoury and sweet snacks throughout the day


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